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Israel Flag How to Contact the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange?

Most traders never even need to contact the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange directly. Today most trades can be executed online without ever setting foot on the floor of the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange. But there are still a number of reasons you might need to contact, visit, or send mail to the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange.

Below is the contact information you will need in order to reach the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange:

Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange Address & Phone Numbers

Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange:
2 Ahuzat Bayit Street,
Tel Aviv, 6525216,
Email (Contact):


Phone Number:

+972 3-567-7411

Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange Logo

For additional information about the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange, you can visit their website directly. Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange rules & guidelines can be found here.

Please contact the appropriate party listed above with any questions regarding your relationship with the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange, visiting the trading floor, etc. If you have questions or comments about the content of this website, then contact us directly.

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