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StockMarketClock tracks trading hours and market holidays for 76 Exchanges (or Bourses) around the world. Below you will find a complete list of stock exchanges and exchange abbreviations conveniently sorted by Market Cap along with a status indicator showing which exchanges are currently trading.

Click the table below to see more information about each stock exchange. You can view basic information about the exchanges, market hours, and trading holidays. Use the search bar to filter results and find the exchange you are looking for more easily. Open/Closed statuses update in real-time so their is no need to refresh the page.

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# Name Symbol Market Cap Status Quick Links
1 New York Stock Exchange NYSE $18.17 Trillion hours | holidays New York Stock Exchange United States North America
2 NASDAQ Stock Exchange NASDAQ $7.05 Trillion hours | holidays National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations United States North America
3 Tokyo Stock Exchange JPX $4.6 Trillion hours | holidays Japan Exchange Group Japan Asia
4 Shanghai Stock Exchange SSE $3.93 Trillion hours | holidays Shanghai Stock Exchange China Asia
5 London Stock Exchange LSE $3.64 Trillion hours | holidays London Stock Exchange Group United Kingdom Europe
6 Euronext Amsterdam Stock Exchange Euronext $3.35 Trillion hours | holidays Euronext Stock Exchange Netherlands Europe
7 Shenzhen Stock Exchange SZSE $3.09 Trillion hours | holidays Shenzhen Stock Exchange China Asia
8 Hong Kong Stock Exchange HKEX $3.02 Trillion hours | holidays Hong Kong Stock Exchange Hong Kong Asia
9 Toronto Stock Exchange TSX $1.77 Trillion hours | holidays Toronto Stock Exchange Canada North America
10 German Stock Exchange FSX $1.66 Trillion hours | holidays Deutsche Börse Germany Europe
11 Bombay (Mumbai) Stock Exchange BSE $1.43 Trillion hours | holidays Bombay Stock Exchange India Asia
12 Swiss Stock Exchange SIX $1.42 Trillion hours | holidays SIX Swiss Exchange Switzerland Europe
13 India National Stock Exchange NSE $1.41 Trillion hours | holidays National Stock Exchange of India India Asia
14 South Korea Stock Exchange KRX $1.28 Trillion hours | holidays Korea Exchange South Korea Asia
15 Stockholm Stock Exchange OMX $1.26 Trillion hours | holidays NASDAQ OMX Stockholm Sweden Europe
16 Australia Stock Exchange ASX $1.2 Trillion hours | holidays Australian Securities Exchange Australia Australia
17 Johannesburg Stock Exchange JSE $987.16 Billion hours | holidays Johannesburg Stock Exchange South Africa Africa
18 Taiwan Stock Exchange TWSE $795.87 Billion hours | holidays Taiwan Exchange Taiwan Asia
19 Spanish Stock Exchange BME $694.74 Billion hours | holidays Spanish Stock Exchange Spain Europe
20 Singapore Exchange SGX $661.24 Billion hours | holidays Singapore Exchange Singapore Asia
21 Brazilian Stock Exchange Bovespa $585.42 Billion hours | holidays Bolsa de Valores de São Paulo Brazil South America
22 Moscow Exchange MOEX $459.4 Billion hours | holidays Moscow Exchange Russia Asia
23 Mexican Stock Exchange BMV $423.2 Billion hours | holidays Bolsa Mexicana de Valores Mexico North America
24 Indonesia Stock Exchange IDX $389.87 Billion hours | holidays Indonesia Stock Exchange Indonesia Asia
25 Stock Exchange of Thailand SET $388.89 Billion hours | holidays Stock Exchange of Thailand Thailand Asia
26 Saudi Stock Exchange Tadawul $383.5 Billion hours | holidays Saudi Stock Exchange Saudi Arabia Middle East
27 Philippine Stock Exchange PSE $257.07 Billion hours | holidays Philippine Stock Exchange Philippines Asia
28 Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange TASE $228.58 Billion hours | holidays Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange Israel Middle East
29 Istanbul Stock Exchange BIST $218.21 Billion hours | holidays Borsa Istanbul Turkey Europe
30 Chilean Stock Exchange BVS $207.23 Billion hours | holidays Bolsa de Comercio de Santiago Chile South America
31 Oslo Stock Exchange OSE $198.79 Billion hours | holidays Oslo Børs Norway Europe
32 Qatar Stock Exchange QE $152.32 Billion hours | holidays Qatar Stock Exchange Qatar Middle East
33 Warsaw Stock Exchange GPW $149.62 Billion hours | holidays Warsaw Stock Exchange Poland Europe
34 Irish Stock Exchange ISE $138.82 Billion hours | holidays Irish Stock Exchange Ireland Europe
35 Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange ADX $117.19 Billion hours | holidays Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange United Arab Emirates Middle East
36 Tehran Stock Exchange TSE $116.59 Billion hours | holidays Tehran Stock Exchange Iran Middle East
37 Columbia Stock Exchange BVC $100.92 Billion hours | holidays Bolsa de Valores de Colombia Colombia South America
38 Vienna Stock Exchange VSE $95.22 Billion hours | holidays Wiener Börse AG Austria Europe
39 Dubai Financial Market DFM $89.18 Billion hours | holidays Dubai Financial Market United Arab Emirates Middle East
40 New Zealand Stock Exchange NZX $78.77 Billion hours | holidays New Zealand Stock Market New Zealand Australia
41 Peruvian Stock Exchange BVL $66.11 Billion hours | holidays Bolsa de Valores de Lima Perú South America
42 Argentinian Stock Exchange BCBA $55.64 Billion hours | holidays Bolsa de Comercio de Buenos Aires Argentina South America
43 Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange HOSE $51.02 Billion hours | holidays Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange Vietnam Asia
44 Casablanca Stock Exchange BC $48.66 Billion hours | holidays Bourse de Casablanca Morocco Africa
45 Luxembourg Stock Exchange LuxSE $48.56 Billion hours | holidays Luxembourg Stock Exchange Luxembourg Europe
46 Egyptian Exchange EGX $46.14 Billion hours | holidays Egyptian Exchange Egypt Africa
47 Nigerian Stock Exchange NSE $44.33 Billion hours | holidays Nigerian Stock Exchange Nigeria Africa
48 Athens Stock Exchange ASE $36.61 Billion hours | holidays Athens Stock Exchange Greece Europe
49 Kazakhstan Stock Exchange KASE $34.96 Billion hours | holidays Kazakhstan Stock Exchange Kazakhstan Asia
50 Dhaka Stock Exchange DSE $31.95 Billion hours | holidays Dhaka Stock Exchange Bangladesh Asia
51 Malaysia Stock Exchange MYX $30.42 Billion hours | holidays Bursa Malaysia Malaysia Asia
52 Chittagong Stock Exchange CSE $30.42 Billion hours | holidays Chittagong Stock Exchange Bangladesh Asia
53 Amman Stock Exchange ASE $24.67 Billion hours | holidays Amman Stock Exchange Jordan Middle East
54 Budapest Stock Exchange BSE $20.35 Billion hours | holidays Budapest Stock Exchange Hungary Europe
55 Croatian Stock Exchange ZSE $18.54 Billion hours | holidays Zagreb Stock Exchagne Croatia Europe
56 Bahrain Stock Exchange BHB $17.9 Billion hours | holidays Bahrain Bourse Bahrain Middle East
57 Colombo Stock Exchange CSE $17.82 Billion hours | holidays Colombo Stock Exchange Sri Lanka Asia
58 Bucharest Stock Exchange BVB $16.07 Billion hours | holidays Bucharest Stock Exchange Romania Europe
59 Beirut Stock Exchange BSE $11.55 Billion hours | holidays Beirut Stock Exchange Lebanon Middle East
60 Stock Exchange of Mauritius SEM $7.28 Billion hours | holidays Stock Exchange of Mauritius Mauritius Africa
61 Hanoi Stock Exchange HNX $6.89 Billion hours | holidays Hanoi Stock Exchange Vietnam Asia
62 Jamaica Stock Exchange JSE $6 Billion hours | holidays Jamaica Stock Exchange Jamaica North America
63 Ukrainian Exchange UX $4.77 Billion hours | holidays Ukrainian Exchange Ukraine Europe
64 Malta Stock Exchange MSE $4.59 Billion hours | holidays Malta Stock Exchange Malta Europe
65 Palestine Securities Exchange PEX $3.21 Billion hours | holidays Palestine Exchange Palestine Middle East
66 Barbados Stock Exchange BDE $3.14 Billion hours | holidays Barbados Stock Exchange Barbados North America
67 Bermuda Stock Exchange BSX $1.73 Billion hours | holidays Bermuda Stock Exchange Bermuda North America
68 Eschborn Eurex Exchange EUREX hours | holidays Eurex Exchange Germany Europe
69 Pakistan Stock Exchange PSX hours | holidays Pakistan Stock Exchange Pakistan Middle East
70 Nairobi Securities Exchange NSE hours | holidays Nairobi Securities Exchange Kenya Africa
71 Helsinki Stock Exchange OMXH hours | holidays NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Finland Europe
72 Riga Stock Exchange OMXR hours | holidays NASDAQ OMX Riga Latvia Europe
73 Euronext Paris Stock Exchange Euronext hours | holidays Euronext Paris Stock Exchange France Europe
74 Berne Stock Exchange BX hours | holidays Berne eXchange Switzerland Europe
75 Milan Stock Exchange MTA hours | holidays Borsa Italiana Italy Europe
76 Copenhagen Stock Exchange OMXC hours | holidays NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen Denmark Europe

† Market Capitalization (often called "Market Cap") is the total number of shares times share price. Market Cap figures comes from statistics published by World Exchange Foundation. Data show here is from March 2017 and is updated yearly.
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